Youtuber compares the food of Walmart with that of Soriana

An element that is worth highlighting in the food supply between Soriana and Walmart is the sale of food in bulk.

Another great proposal that both brands have launched is the sale of special menus, to boost sales of their food.

A key aspect of this proposal is the ability of brands such as Walmart to diversify their points of sale.

A youtuber has been given the task of comparing the food of Soriana and Walmart and there is a winner between these two giants of the supermarket chains.

After both giants were put to the test, Soriana was the winner for the offer of prepared foods that it has and that have distinguished it in the retail industry, for taking advantage of its business, to install a dining room area in it, where consumers They find a wide variety of foods such as pizza, straight food and healthy proposals such as salads.

Supermarket stores, unique offer

Supermarkets have become a great companion to the consumer, which is why the sales promotions carried out in these chains stand out, since they are interesting actions with which they seek to consolidate in the market and do so successfully.

The best proposal we have seen in this regard has been with Walmart, which has become a unique benchmark, which teaches us how important the consumer has become in the market.

As expected, the main characteristic that a brand has today is its adaptation to the market.

Take advantage of the points of sale

The use of points of sale, as we are seeing with supermarket stores, which are becoming a kind of restaurants, we have seen with great success with brands such as Costco or Ikea.

Both commercial proposals have become a unique reference, of how these large retail chains take advantage of their spaces to be able to generate commercial proposals and, along with their inventory, achieve recurring income with categories such as food.

New sales proposals

There are new sales proposals and these are none other than commercial ideas that manage to adapt to the reality of the consumer.

The main characteristic of the consumer’s reality is that today they are living in confinement, due to the contingency of COVID-19 that we are experiencing.

The interest that brands have gained in these commercial proposals has been seen especially in the development of proposals that we cannot fail to see, since a commercial offer that is not adapted to the consumer is destined to fail.

Innovation, key in retail

Innovation is key in the retail market, especially when we realize the capacity that these brands have reached, to be able to innovate in the market and, most importantly, to do so with total commitment to do so with a social sense, towards where focuses on the commercial nature of a brand.

That said, an element that we must not lose sight of today is the one that warns us of how important it has become to understand the consumer and more than understand it, to design work guidelines adapted to reality.

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