Youtuber and journalist Alanah Pearce joins SIE Santa Monica as a writer

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The video game industry is in constant motion and the flow of creatives is common among developers. However, there is also room for new creatives who want to be part of even the largest studios. The latest test is Sony Interactive Entertainment, as a youtuber and journalist will join the ranks of SIE Santa Monica Studio.

Through her social networks and YouTube channel, Alanah Pearce, a former IGN writer, officially announced that she will be joining SIE Santa Monica Studio, the developer you may know from her work on God of War. And the most interesting thing is that he confirmed that he already works writing a video game, but he did not reveal what it is.

You probably think that Alanah has no experience in the industry as a developer, but, as we told you, she has been in constant contact with her, other than that she is a passionate writer and it has been her hobby all her life. He recently shared on Twitter that he had finally managed to finish writing one of his several pieces of fiction that he had pending. In fact, his goal in covering the industry was to one day be part of the creative side in a company.

“Hello everyone. I can finally announce my new job… as a video game writer at SIE Santa Monica Studio, which probably [conozcan] like the God of War study. I am very, very proud to be a part of this amazing team, ”announced Alanah Pearce clearly excited about her new job.

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What project will Pearce be in charge of?

However, Pearce did not reveal which will be the first project of the study in which it will take part. It is important that you know that so far the study has only confirmed God of War: Ragnarok, but we remind you that during the development of God of War (2018), there was a title, Int-7 or Internal 7, that did not come to fruition port and a wave of layoffs ensued.

We point out the above, because this game would be science fiction, a theme that seems to be related to Alanah Pearce. Also, recently Cory Barlog, creative of SIE Santa Monica Studio, made fans think that he could be working on some science fiction or at least the studio.

Did you know Alanah Pearce? What do you think will be your first project at the developer? Tell us in the comments.

Since we are talking about SIE Santa Monica Studio, we inform you that this year the studio director left the company and at the same time it was confirmed that the new boss would be a veteran of the developer. You can find more news related to SIE Santa Monica Studio by visiting this page.

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