YouTube will run ads on videos of small creators without paying them

After an update, YouTube will display ads even on videos that are not part of the partner program (YPP).

YouTube reported that it will run ads on videos of small creators without paying them. It’s a change to your Terms of Service released this Thursday.

In addition, it included a new section that gives you the right to monetize videos from channels that are not big enough to be part of your Partner Program (YPP).

The decision has brought some controversy, since small creators feel that the platform is taking advantage of them.

The normal thing was that YouTube published its ads, even with some commission, on the channels that were part of the YPP. The requirements were:

Be living in a country where the YPP is active.
Have four thousand hours of publication in the last twelve months.
Have more than a thousand subscribers.

Only when they were special circumstances, the platform could break the ad rule, publishing on channels that were not part of the YPP.

Now it will be more common than previously seen.

This type of channel will not be taken into account by YouTube for advertisements

However, the company reiterates that it will not take into account for video ads:

Containing inappropriate language.
Scenes of violence.
Raunchy and sexual content.
With messages about drugs and firearms.
Or messages that incite hatred to a group of people (remembering that this type of video, in general, is sanctioned).

YouTube is initially implementing the changes in the United States, but by 2021 they will reach the rest of the world.

For more information about the modifications in the Terms of Service, you can enter the next link.