I adore YouTube. I think it is more an obsession, very healthy indeed, than a meaningless adoration. I have no problem admitting that I spend several hours a day stuck in the alleys of that virtual city, where one can watch videos of dogs playing in the snow, learn new recipes now that we have more time than ever, learn more about your favorite sport, learn what the latest technological innovations are or, for example, be aware of how citizens around the world carry this quarantine period in different locations and cultures.

YouTube was, is and always will be the subject of controversy, as we have already explained to you on more than one occasion. You already know that when someone, in this case a company, stands out and manages to reign in the streaming sector, driving jobs until a few years ago totally unknown, there will always be detractors. What is true, regardless of who regrets it, is that this platform is also full of vendemotos, people who, looking for some easy money, are willing to cross the border of truth and use the empty brains of their subscribers to devise world conspiracies.

5G connectivity is the fake news of the moment

Whenever issues of world order or trends arise that make it possible for small channels can scratch a few thousand subscribers with clickbait weapons and disinformation, it is also the turn of the Google platform to regulate the content that reaches our mobile devices, computers or smart televisions. Recently, thanks to the information that we have been able to obtain from the British media The Guardian, we have known what are the measures that YouTube is starting to implement.

In case you don’t know what the object of controversy, before going into more details, I explain it briefly. For a few weeks, as of the writing of the article, There is a false belief that the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the world population due to the installation of 5G antennas, as they spread the virus among the population.. How Youtube is watching a multitude of videos sprout with this theme, has decided to take forceful action, in addition to the classic warnings to content creators or the removal of advertising in suspicious videos.

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The North American company also is promoting the deletion of videos, without any kind of notice, in addition to ensure that the recommendations, which are supposed to be personalized for each user and which were improved a few months ago, stay away from this false content about 5G connections. A YouTube spokesperson, in statements to the previously mentioned media outlet, ensures what:

We have clear policies that prohibit the promotion of unfounded medical methods to prevent coronavirus rather than seeking medical advice. We quickly remove the videos that violate our policies, when they are marked. It has also reduced content recommendations to the limit, such as conspiracy theories linking 5G to the coronavirus, which could misinform users in harmful ways.

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