YouTube will open a fund of 100 million dollars to finance short film creators

05/13/2021 at 4:57 PM CEST

YouTube has announced a $ 100 million fund to pay people who share video in what it hopes will be the Firm TikTok competitor: Shorts. The exchange will be launched in the next few months and the money will be distributed to the creators in the next few years.

From YouTube they have explained that it is “the first step on their way to build a long-lasting monetization model in Shorts”. Thus, Amy Singer, director of a section of YouTube Shorts has explained that it is “A top priority for us and it will take some time to get it right, but it will help to create a financing process specifically designed for YouTube Shorts.

Anyone who creates Shorts will be able to participate in the fund, not just those who are enrolled in the YouTube Partner program. So if you stick to the community guides and create original content, you may be eligible. YouTube also hopes to “reach thousands of creators who are not yet using Shorts.”

The application at the moment only available to creators in the United States, then it will arrive in India, where it hopes to take some of the market away from TikTok. Something that has yet to be proven.

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