YouTube joins the list of streaming services and platforms that offer videos that will reduce the resolution of its contents during the coronavirus quarantine (covid-19). This measure will become operational on Thursday, March 25 worldwide and is scheduled to last for at least the next 30 days.

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YouTube will limit the resolution with which users watch videos on the platform. While YouTube will still allow users to access the highest resolution (4K depending on whether your device supports it), they must choose this option manually, which until now the platform did automatically. Now the standard resolution will not be in HD (4K, 1080p and 720p), but in a normal resolution (which is normally 480p or 360p).

Youtube already limited the resolution with which a device could play a video depending on its technical specifications and internet connection. With this new measure, the most popular video platform in the world aims to reduce data traffic while the world population remains in quarantine (or healthy distancing, as is the case in Mexico). During the last few weeks we have seen a considerable increase in internet consumption in various parts of the world due to the closure caused by the coronavirus.

With this YouTube joins Netflix, Amazon Prime, Facebook and Instagram in reducing the quality of their videos to avoid saturating their servers during quarantine.

The measure taken by YouTube will go into operation on Thursday, March 25.