YouTube has always been our spoiled video platform. Even so, over the years it has been displaced in some way by other applications such as TikTok. Although each one has its own concept and they do not compete directly, that could change very soon with the arrival of this new YouTube project. According to different reports, YouTube is working on a short video app called Shorts who plans to be TikTok’s rival.

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Shorts will allow users to upload videos to a feed in the mobile application, in the same way that other applications like Instagram for photos and TikTok for videos work. And according to The Information, YouTube will take advantage of the music that is licensed in YouTube Music for users to use in his audiovisual creations. TikTok works in a similar way, allowing you to choose between multiple audios, sound effects, and songs to include in your videos.

The news was confirmed by Dylan Byers, who interviewed Susan Wojcicki, YouTube chief executive:

YouTube boss Susan Wojcicki and I talked about TikTok in a podcast that will be available later this month. We have something that will confirm this news, in addition to other comments on YouTube and short videos.

Taking into account the accelerated growth of TikTok in recent years (in just the two previous years, it grew by more than 125%, and in the last 12 months it was downloaded 842 million times from the Google Play Store and the App Store), it is no surprise that other companies want to monopolize a part of that market. For example, Facebook has its own version of TikTok called Lasso, which at the moment is only available in Brazil. YouTube could take advantage of all its available music to attract users, but it remains to be seen if they want to move to Shorts.