Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of the world is in quarantine, and this implies that many people have a large amount of free time to fill. And as usual, services like Netflix or Spotify are going to increase the traffic they have throughout these weeks.

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YouTube is one of those platforms that will also experience a rise in the number of users during this confinement, and for this reason, just as Netflix has done, YouTube will reduce the image quality of your content so that the network does not collapse And all users can enjoy a good experience, something that has already happened in Europe, but will now spread to the rest of the world, but rest assured, since you can change the quality yourself.

YouTube will lower the default quality of your videos worldwide

Google knows that during the next few weeks the daily traffic of YouTube will increase a lot, and for this reason it has decided that will reduce the default quality of your videos to 480p, And it will do it for a month so that users do not experience any type of problem with their connection to the platform, although it will not do it in the same way as Netflix.

And it is that, while on Netflix you cannot change the resolution, YouTube does give us the option to do so, and despite the fact that when we get into any first video we will find content at 480p, we can modify its resolution to leave it at 720p, 1080p, 1440p or even 2160p. This limitation is just input, and then you can change the resolution, so if you want to see content in high resolution, no one will miss you.

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The truth is that personally it seems to me a very effective measure, since there will be users who will not worry about raising or lowering the resolution, and this will help to reduce traffic to the web a little and that we can enjoy a good experience despite the high number of connected users.

This is part of the measures that Google is taking to try to liven up the situation for users, but as a company representative has said, They are also working hand in hand with the telephone operators and with governments.

“We continue to work closely with governments and telephone operators around the globe to minimize stress during this unprecedented situation.”

Leisure is a fundamental part so that we do not get frustrated during this quarantine and we are able to entertain ourselves and fill our free time in some way, so we strongly recommend that you take advantage of this time to do all those things for which you normally always say you don’t have time, and that at least this quarantine is something constructive.

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