YouTube to stream the UEFA Women’s Champions League for free

Youtube a very significant score is scored, and that also has several readings that make it even more interesting than it may seem at first. And it is that this agreement is pioneering and, in addition, it provides YouTube with a sensational tool to combat who for a while now seems to have become its main rival: Twitch.

The basis of the news is, as we can read in Engadget, the agreement signed by three parties: YouTube, UEFA as organizer of the competition and DAZN, current holder of the broadcasting rights of the UEFA Women’s Champions League, the female version of the popular Champions League. As a result of it, YouTube will broadcast, free of charge, the entire competition except the qualifying rounds. A total of 61 games that can be seen around the world except the Middle East, North Africa and China.

The agreement between YouTube, UEFA and DAZN extends to four seasons, the current 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 in which the broadcasts will be those that I have indicated above, and later the 2023-2024 and 2024-2025, in which a large part of the matches will be broadcast exclusively through DAZN, but it will still be possible to see 19 matches, from each of both seasons, through YouTube.

With this collaboration, YouTube fully enters a sector as complex and lucrative as sports broadcasting. And although it is true that the UEFA Women’s Champions League does not have as much social pull as the men’s version of it, it is a top-of-the-line sporting event and that, therefore, it can serve to attract enormous volume audience to the platform. And it is not that YouTube falls short in users, but there is a part of the population that is not currently attracted by its type of content, and that can make the leap with sports broadcasts.

Another very interesting aspect of this agreement is that we learned about it shortly after it was announced that Ibai will broadcast the Copa América for free through Twitch for Spain. Obviously it is not the same, the rights obtained by Ibai are limited exclusively to our country, while those of YouTube with the UEFA Women’s Champions League are practically global (with the exceptions that I have indicated before), pero that both platforms become, this same year, a channel for sports broadcasts, it is of course very interesting.

Could they be considering tackling the sports broadcasting market? And what’s more, could that be one of the next battles between Google and Amazon, respectively owners of YouTube and Twitch? The birth of platforms such as DAZN shows that streaming is the preferred option for more and more users to watch sports competitions, whether on the television, computer, smartphone or any other device, a multiplatform capacity with which traditional televisions they have it complicated to compete.

Another remarkable and very positive aspect of this agreement is that, thanks to it, women’s sport scores points in visibility. The ability to watch a high-level competition for free through YouTube can act as a catalyst for attracting new audiences, something that would be a great achievement.

Images: UEFA

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