YouTube promises more monetization options for this year

By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 02/17/2021 1:15 pm


There is no doubt that Youtube is the largest video platform on the planet and as such, Google it has to constantly update it with new features that allow its users a better experience within the site. This 2021 will not be the exception and the company has already announced all the news that will arrive this year.

To get started, Google explained that there will be new ways to monetize the type of content that we upload to the platform. For example, users will now be able to purchase products directly from Youtube. If you are someone who already has their own line of merchandise, you can advertise and sell it from this same site thanks to the use of PayPal.

Regarding its design, Google explained that navigation will be much easier on cell phones and tablets thanks to a redesign of its interface that we will see shortly on our devices. Specifically, it will change how the section on Chapters.

Last but not least, Google promises that children’s videos will now be much more content-safe thanks to the implementation of new filters.


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