TikTok is the new giant in the field of social media, and the rest know it. His success on Instagram and Facebook, as Mark Zuckerberg has once acknowledged. Due to the amount of videos that are generated, it also affects YouTube, and in that sense, from The Information they say that the Google video platform is working on a short video services that is similar to the Chinese social network. His name would be ‘Shorts‘(‘ Shorts’ in Spanish)

At the moment it is nothing more than a rumor, but The Information has great sources, and it rarely gives exclusives from this draft without their subsequent fulfillment. Also, this strategy, fits in with another new attempt by Google to have something more social than YouTube or Google Maps, which right now are the closest thing you can get to all of this, taking into account that Google Maps stays in the private sphere.

The YouTube Music catalog as a great asset

According to The Information, In ‘Shorts’ users can use songs from the YouTube Music catalog, which is very broad, to enrich your videos. Taking advantage of songs that are in fashion is something that TikTok likes a lot, and if YouTube wants to stand up, it can’t be less.

Returning to insist that at the moment there is nothing confirmed, The Information speaks of the launch of ‘Shorts’ is scheduled to take place later this year. Speaking of large developments, yes, we can not know how the coronavirus can delay everything. That is a perception of who writes this, not information from the cited medium.

This is potentailly big…. And, bonus: YouTube chief Susan Wojcicki and I talked about TikTok in a podcast episode that will air later this month. We’ve got an item coming soon confirming this news, along with a few of her comments on YouTube & short-form video >>> https://t.co/0Pqm6JqVUz

– Dylan Byers (@DylanByers) April 1, 2020

Dylan Byer, an NBC journalist, has also said that in a podcast that has not yet been released, hTalk to YouTube CEO about TikTok, and point to confirmation of news of the launch of TikTok. To see what other competitors are going to TikTok will have to wait.

Zuckerberg already said that in countries like Mexico they have ‘Lasso’, which they consider a competitor. On the other hand, he stated that for him TikTok is “almost like the Explore tab that we have on Instagram […] I think of TikTok as if it were Explore to get stories. “Instagram, for its part, continues to test how to approach TikTok, and its proposal so far is ‘Reels’.

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         It’s the war against TikTok: YouTube prepares a competitor of the social network for the end of the year, according to The Information

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