Youtube Music wants to look more and more like Spotify, right?

The streaming music market has become increasingly innovative, thanks to the commercial proposals that are made from the contents.

Communicating through music with platforms such as Youtube Music is a key opportunity in the market today.

One element that we must not lose sight of is the ability of technology companies to innovate within platforms such as YouTube Music.

The streaming market is seeing the transformation of Youtube Music into a second version of Spotify, after the Google platform is increasingly adopting new services from the famous platform, which has become a key benchmark.

The services that YouTube Music is adapting from Spotify are the sharing of songs through Snapchat and Instagram stories, as well as the famous playlist “Year in Review”, which has become a benchmark for Spotify and an excellent channel for promotion of its contents, which is now being incorporated by the YouTube platform, as a user of the platform has realized.





Streaming innovating

The innovation that streaming has been doing has been seen in the content offer that these platforms have and the adaptation that is being made of the stories more and more.

We have seen a characteristic element of these efforts in innovation and, most importantly, in the communication that brands achieve with audiences.

As is to be expected in this type of actions, an element that should not be lacking is the understanding of what new insights are being generated and how to approach them, especially considering the influence they have on the market.

Misik – Making Sound Kool

Audiences, key in the market

The identification of audiences is key in the streaming market, because in this sense it is that an increasingly dynamic reference has been established, in order to understand the platforms of said content and the offer they have.

An element of great value today is the one that warns us of the ability of brands to be able to transform their businesses and do so with innovation.

As is to be expected, in the midst of this transformation, an aspect that we cannot lose sight of is the warning that audiences have to be built and do it with study in the elements that influence it.