After a long time of waiting, the application of Youtube music on iOS and Android you already have support for song lyrics. The latest update, whose deployment began yesterday on both operating systems, allows you show lyrics for most tracks —Not all have it— when pressing the “i” button. The latter is located on the left side of the player.

However, it is important to mention that currently the letters do not sync with playback —They remain static like any text—, something that could be quite negative for many people. We assume that the service will continue to dedicate efforts to improve its proposal, including adding more compatible songs.

Another important point that we must clarify is that the feature is only available in apps for mobile devices; the web version has not received this news, for now. They claimed to be working to update it soon, although they did not disclose a specific date.

According to YouTube Music, the lyrics are obtained from a third-party platform, specifically LyricFind. Spotify has followed a similar strategy, depending on Genius to offer the lyrics. For its part, Apple Music has preferred to add the text on its own to be totally independent. This gives them more control over their software and avoids complications when other services have connection problems.

After the update, YouTube catches up with its main competitors, but up to a point. It remains to add the synchronization with the songs and complete the remaining catalog. The novelty comes just as millions of people are isolated to outwit the coronavirus. Of course, entertainment services are benefiting from confinement.

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