With the intention of reducing the internet load during the coronavirus pandemic, YouTube will reduce the default video resolution worldwide. Now the contents will play to 480phowever, users will still have the option to select more resolutions (1080p or higher) manually, for now. According to the platform, this measure will be extended by 30 days from today.

Users can select higher resolutions manually

“We continue to work closely with governments and network operators around the world to contribute our part and minimize the burden on the system during this unprecedented situation,” YouTube told Bloomberg. Despite the decision, the user will continue to have the final decision about the video quality you want to play. If the global picture continues to worsen, the company will surely have to opt for a stricter measure.

This is not the first time that YouTube has moved its tokens to try to avoid the collapse of the internet. Last Friday, March 20, the quality of reproduction in Europe decreased, the continent most affected by the expansion of coronaviruses. “We are committed to temporarily changing all traffic in the European Union to the standard definition by default,” they said.

It should be noted that this provision is somewhat different from the one announced today. Bitrate fell on Friday, which is the amount of data that is processed in a certain period of time. However, European users do not have the option to make adjustments to return to normal. The video quality only has to do with the resolution of the content. Bitrate may also be affected in other regions of the world in the coming weeks.

In addition to YouTube, Netflix and Apple TV + also cut bitrate of its services to comply with the requests of the EU. These are preventive measures that will not only temporarily affect users, but also the companies themselves. Coronavirus has undoubtedly become a global impact problem that is testing the responsiveness of individuals, companies and governments.

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