YouTube for Android now allows 4K playback on any mobile

The app of YouTube for Android It is, worth the redundancies, applying a change at least curious, and that is that the possibility of playing any content in 4K resolution is now available for any mobile.

Until now, the YouTube app for Android limited the video playback quality to the device’s native resolution, because only those who had a mobile phone with a 4K screen could view the videos in 4K. So far everything normal. However, from now on that restriction disappears and everyone will be able to choose the quality of resolution.

That is, if your mobile screen is 720p or 1080p, the most common resolutions, you can increase the video quality up to 4KAs long as the video offers that resolution, of course. The question is why, when it is obvious that the device’s screen resolution determines the resolution at which it can play video.

The answer, however, is not so clear. In fact, there is no official answer, except that the change has reached the YouTube application for Android. But there are objective reasons why it is an improvement from which the user can benefit.

Namely: that your mobile has a 1080p screen and you play the videos in that resolution, it does not mean that the quality you are obtaining is optimal. YouTube, like other online video platforms, apply compression to audio and video formats, as well as lower the bitrate in order to reduce the size of the files that are transmitted. And the same goes for 4K videos.

That’s why a movie on Blu-ray can take up tens of GB, while the same movie on Netflix, for example, takes up less than half. The limitation, of course, is the storage, but also the Internet connection.

Thus, the change that the YouTube app for Android has introduced is to improve the quality of the video, even if you do not have a device with the appropriate resolution. Ergo, if the screen of your mobile is 1080p, you will see a video in 4K at higher quality than in 1080p, although it does not reach such a resolution. Yes, the same also happens on the PC.

But, be careful, because as has been pointed out, the weight of the video will be much higher, so be careful when you pull data, you are not going to get a good scare.