YouTube deletes Willyrex channel by surprise

The followers of Willyrex, one of the most veteran and popular YouTubers in the world, they do not leave their amazement. They are practically in a state of shock to see that the account of this Spaniard has been deleted by YouTube. Neither more nor less, decisive decision. How could it happen?

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The surprise of millions of followers of the Spanish youtuber Willyrex when they saw that his YouTube account this morning has been deleted has been capitalized.

No, it is not a joke; Willyrex account is not available. If we go to your YouTube page, the page will return a message that reads the following: “This page is not available. Sorry for the inconvenience. Try another search “. The rest of the channels of other Spanish youtubers work normally.

Willyrex, through his social networks, has launched a brief, almost cryptic message that makes absolutely nothing clear about the reason for the ‘removal’ of his channel. The most mysterious thing is that nobody knows why this has happened.

Willyrex’s message on Twitter is as follows: “And he disappeared …”. It is the last message from the youtuber, launched at 6 in the morning. He has not explained the reason, and his followers have unsurprisingly unleashed their anger in defense of Willyrex, even launching a hashtag, #YouTubeCancelled, asking for the return of the channel.

The elimination has been carried out at dawn, and the members of the channel, that is, the users who contributed financially to it with donations (in the style of Patreon, but on YouTube) have also been affected, since membership to the channel has been paused. , which is logical.

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