YouTube adds a button to make looping videos more convenient | Technology

Those of Google do not rest and every week YouTube receives a new feature. This time he received a button that allows you to play the videos in a loop on Android.

YouTube has been updating for several weeks with features and functionalities, some are more interesting than others, but all come to meet the needs of the Google video platform. The latest that has come is a button that allows you to play any video in a loop natively.

This functionality had been rumored for quite some time and it was a matter of time before it made an appearance for users, although it is true that it is not yet available to everyone. In fact, of the three mobile phones that I have at my disposal, only one of them appears and they all have the same version of YouTube.

The loop button comes so that users do not have to constantly play when a song or video ends that they want to see multiple times. In Android this feature is found by clicking on the three points at the top while playing a video, a drop-down appears in which are the typical options: change the quality, subtitles, playback speed.

What happens is that In addition to the classic options, there is also one called “Video Loop” which translates to “loop” in Spanish.. What this does is that the video is played over and over again in a continuous manner. On the computer, this option is found in the menu that opens when we right-click while a video is playing.

And, as in Android, a menu appears with multiple options: copy URL, copy current minute URL, copy embed code and advanced options. The loop option appears right at the beginning and to make it work all you have to do is a simple click. This feature is quite niche, as it is strange to have to repeat a video for a long time.

Google seems to be putting more and more effort into improving its video platform, but these features come and go almost unnoticed by most users. In fact, the company has not made any kind of announcement or publication about this. Now what remains is to wait to see the next functionality that they decide to integrate those of Mountain View to YouTube.

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