youth attention has decreased by 33% since 2000

According to Samsung, the future trend will be to cut back on pop songs, to take advantage of the attention level of young people.

Pop songs will get shorter as time goes on, in order to draw attention from young people. It is the result of a study carried out by Samsung.

According to the South Korean company, by 2030 the successes will be shorter. This in order to adjust to the attention spans.

Since 2000, music fans’ attention spans have been shortened from 12 seconds to eight, 30%. Therefore, always according to Samsung, the important thing is that the track is short and the choruses are catchy.

« At the end of the decade, the average song is forecast to be a maximum of two minutes, » the company notes on its blog. « They will say goodbye to the old cliché of the three minute length of the pop song. »

Currently, of the 10 most popular songs on Spotify, 80% are shorter than four minutes.

The duration of music, beyond pop songs

Other research is cited by the Daily Mail about the duration of the music: it’s from the Ostereo record label. It explains that the average number one song on Spotify has shrunk by almost a fifth in the last two decades.

The record company has analyzed Spotify’s number one songs since its launch in 2006. The result is that there has been a consistent shortening of song lengths between 1998 and 2018.

The number one average in the UK lasted 4:34, while in 2019 it was 3:03. One minute and 13 seconds shorter.

Samsung’s research was carried out in conjunction with the British firm The Future Laboratory. The basis is to analyze our listening habits in 2030.