Your post-pandemic ‘retirement’, or return to Africa or run a public health center in Spain

Fernando Simon the health crisis lives from controversy to controversy. The last, the request for the resignation of several medical organizations due to “their manifest and prolonged incapacity during the evolution of the pandemic”, and for statements in which he questioned the behavior of health professionals “when they are out of work” in prevention of the Covid. Simon refuses to resign. Its future plans are conditioned to the evolution of the pandemic, but far from public visibility in recent months. The government spokesman for the coronavirus dreams of varied plans, such as returning to Africa, where he worked as a doctor in the 1990s. Or put yourself in charge of a public health center in Spain.

This was confessed by the director of the Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies a few weeks ago, in an interview on YouTube that made headlines for another answer: “Fernando, it was not very clear to us if you liked infectious diseases or infectious nurses” asks one of the interviewers (climber brothers Iker and Eneko Pou). To which Simón replied: “I did not ask (the nurses) if they were infectious or not, that was seen a few days later.” The statements provoked the anger of the General Council of Nursing for “Sexist and denigrating.”

Fernando Simón discovered then that his future would be far from the health spokesperson, but also linked to health and epidemiological issues: returning to Africa “to cooperate and support other cultures”, develop research areas or develop a public health center.

He did not see the crisis coming

The head of the alerts of the Ministry of Health has been questioned for his inability to anticipate the health crisis and for rejecting measures that would eventually end up being implemented, such as the use of masks. In January, for example, Simón assured that “Spain will not have, at most, beyond a diagnosed case.” By then, the pandemic was already beginning to spread through the country, as was later demonstrated.

Before the ideological marches of Women’s Day, Simón ignored the seriousness of the pandemic, already overwhelmed. “If my son asks me if he can go, I’ll tell him to do what he wants,” he said, in the midst of the coronavirus expansion.

This summer, with the outbreaks already out of control and the Government turning a deaf ear to the request for solutions by the autonomous communities, he asserted: “If this is a second wave, it certainly doesn’t seem like it.”

“I’m not going to get off the boat”

Simon furthermore refused the use of the mask, even stating that “it does not make any sense that healthy individuals use it.” Nor was he in favor of the antigen tests, which the Community of Madrid has been carrying out for months in its successful strategy of containing the virus. The EU recommended their use this week and the Ministry of Health itself gave in to the demands of the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to make them in pharmacies.

Despite requests for dismissal, Fernando Simón resists resigning. “I’m not going to get off the boat and leave it empty,” he said this week. He even added that his post “It’s not a gift” because “one takes all the responsibilities and troubles.”