Your PC does not recognize the external memory of your cell phone? 3 things you can do

When transferring files, you may run into unwanted situations.

When a user decides to transfer all his files from his cell phone to his computer, he may encounter some obstacles that prevent him from doing this.

One of them consists of the NO recognition of external memory, where the user may have certain important files.

That is why below you will know the three most frequent problems as well as their solutions.

Android internal storage problems

If your computer does not identify the memory card, it is possible to do this type of thing:

Bad card placement

If your phone does not recognize it, but your computer does, what you should do is remove the microSD card from your smartphone and insert it again.

You can do it in two ways:

Unmount the microSD card through the Android Settings menu.
Physically remove the microSD card from the phone.

To unmount the microSD card you must:

Launch the Settings menu and select Storage.
Touch the eject icon to the right of the microSD card. Wait until you get a notification of « SD card is safely ejected » at the bottom of the screen.
Wait a few seconds and remount the ejected card. To do this, simply tap on the microSD card and select Mount from the command prompt.

Presence of a Malware

Infected files can impair memory recognition.

You must scan your PC and then remove the Malware. There are trusted third-party tools like Malwarebytes that can help remove malware from your PC and Android smartphone.

Card configuration problems

If your intention is not to transfer files but to save things from your PC to the card, then there should be no problem if you completely format your microSD.

For that you must:

Settings and select Storage.
Click on the SD card.
Next, click the three-dot menu button in the upper right corner and select Storage Settings from the menu.
Click Format and select « SD Card Format » at the confirmation request to continue.