Your first credit? Three things to keep in mind

Credits are a type of financing through which people can have goods, services and cash that they do not have at the time, either personally or through a credit card. In this way, the creditor is the one who grants this support and the person who receives it agrees to pay in full in the guidelines stipulated in the contract.

If you have not had a loan and are thinking of applying for it for the first time, there are some information you need to know before requesting it. It is advisable to find out what it is, to know the types of financing that exist, how they can benefit you. Here we provide you with some things that you should consider before processing it.

Select a credit according to your needs. Photo: Pixabay

1. Analyze the best option according to your needs

First of all, it is recommended to reflect on what you want the credit for, as well as the amount you require to meet your needs. In this way, you can intelligently choose the one that is most convenient for you, so you can define the budget you occupy, as well as the deadlines to cover the payments and also the money you will allocate to it.

2. Research and Compare

Likewise, you have to investigate and look for the options that the market offers you, as there is a great variety. Review and compare the interest rate, the annual CAT, the commissions, and if it is a credit card, its annuity.

3. Define a budget

It is essential that you consider that I pay this within your monthly budget, in this way you will avoid interest and generate a large debt. In this way you can properly manage your credit and your personal finances.

The next thing that you should take into account are the different types of credits, here we tell you three:

Personal credit

This is a loan that is delivered by a financial institution, they determine a maturity term, the interest rate and the commission through a contract.

Revolving credit

This is granted by means of a credit card, it is managed with a limit regarding the resource that you can have, according to what is authorized in the financial institution for its use. You can use it frequently while you are paying off the debts or also if you make your deferred payments on the indicated dates, especially to avoid paying interest.

Pledge credit

This type of credit is known as pawn, it consists of exchanging a product in exchange for money, for example goods such as jewelry and electronics that remain as collateral until the loan is paid off.

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