‘Your face sounds to me: Facing the end’: contestants, when does it start and what day are the programs

This 2020 was the year that The eighth edition of ‘Your face sounds to me’ should have been developed without any problem, Antena 3’s star contest in which well-known personalities must imitate other characteristic characters of music with the greatest possible success. However, last March the program was also forced to interrupt its broadcast due to the serious health crisis that was being experienced in Spain by COVID-19. Now, several months later, and after having resumed filming, Atresmedia is already preparing its return to face the outcome of this edition.

This Sunday, the first date

The next Sunday, November 22, from 10:00 p.m. on Antena 3, those followers of the contest will be able to enjoy again after several months the performances of these celebrities in a special talent show prepared for the occasion. Yes, it will be on Sunday and not on Friday, although it is not ruled out that the galas will be broadcast again on their original date. It will not be the official return of the program with new performances but it will help those viewers to remember the best moments of this eighth edition before the final stretch begins. It is precisely this last issue that has given its name to the special, since it is called ‘Your face sounds to me: Facing the final’.

“This Sunday, take notes and go preparing because very soon the final stretch of ‘Your face sounds to me’“, they announced on social networks in the last hours the official account of the program; thus alerting their followers that, if they do not remember what happened in this eighth edition, this Sunday they have the perfect opportunity to get hooked on the finals .

Security measures for COVID-19

The return of ‘Your face sounds to me’ will bring news marked mainly by the coronavirus, and it is that new security measures have also been announced so that, between the contestants and members of the jury, there is as little interaction as possible. For this reason, there will be more space between the jury, as confirmed by Àngel Llàcer A few days ago also on his social networks: “How you have to keep safe distances … they have put me apart! In a f *** ing armchair, apart! We started like this. We’re back! Yes ! “he complained in a clearly humorous tone.

How many finery are missing?

It is a question that many of the viewers of ‘Your face sounds to me’ will be asking, and it is that there were four galas left to know the winner of this eighth edition. However, it should be remembered that A gala was already recorded before the pandemic and that it will be the first to be broadcast, so there will be three new galas that will be broadcast in the coming weeks. In them, it will be necessary to see how the producer solves one of its main problems, such as the lack of public, a factor to take into account since the results that determined the winner of the gala came from there.

The intentions of the producer were those of record two of the three remaining galas at the beginning of November and leave the grand finale for live, although with the serious health situation that we are living in these weeks, they could choose to record this outcome. In this final stretch of the contest, we will see four contestants aspire to victory ahead of the rest. Among them, Jorge González, Nerea Rodríguez, the Gemeliers and Cristina Ramos.

Who were the contestants?