Your face in ‘Fortnite’? Epic Games buys a company specialized in facial animation

The development of technology in video games has allowed enhance gamers’ experience with every step you take. If we talk about graphic elements, there is no doubt that 8 bit images have been left behind and 2D animation evolves towards new horizons. In that sense, companies like Epic Games have chosen to perfect each part of their platforms to make them more and more realistic.

Precisely, the developer in charge of titles like the popular Fortnite appears to be in the process of taking its titles to a new technological stage. Epic games recently acquired the company Hyprsense, which is known for her work on the creation of real-time facial animation technology.

Photo: Epic Games

Hyprsense Joins Epic Games

Through a press release, the Hyprsense company announced the acquisition that Epic Games made their business assets and eventually their technology. In this way, the American developer will be able to adapt the work of the Japanese company to its future titles or in updates for Fortnite itself.

“We are proud and excited to bring our character animation technology to the Epic Games ecosystem. Joining Epic gives us the opportunity to offer new solutions and experiences on a massive scale.Jihun Yu, co-founder and CEO of Hyprsense.

Real-time 3D avatar test with facial animation. Photo: Hyprsense


Hyprsense technology

Hyprsense, the now new subsidiary of Epic Games, is a company founded in 2015 based in Japan. This company has earned a name in the market of that country as suppliers of real-time facial animation and recognition technology of 3D avatars and ‘digital humans’, as mentioned on their website.

Most of his creations are used in applications for computer and mobile devices through which the user’s facial patterns are captured through a webcam to generate a digital replica of their face, which can make the same facial expressions at the same time. That is, if you are in a chat room using the applications Hyprface, your avatar will smile or frown the instant you do.

Hyprface facial recognition test. Photo: Hyprsense

Just a couple of months ago, the company launched its application Hyprmeet that can be used in Zoom meetings. If you do not want your face to appear in the video call, this technology allows you to create an avatar that will replicate all the faces or facial movements you make.

For now, Epic games has not announced which upcoming video games will feature this new technology, but it is quite possible that Fortnite users can try it sooner rather than later. Can you imagine an exact replica of your face in the video game? If not, Here is a taste of Hyprsense technology.

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