Your dishwasher has a filter and you have to clean it: this is how you should do it | Life

In case you did not know, the dishwasher has a filter that must be cleaned frequently for the machine to do its job properly. We explain where it is and how you have to clean it.

If every time you take the dishes and glasses out of the dishwasher you notice that they are not well cleaned, you notice bad odors inside the machine or you see that it does not drain properly, the problem may be that the filter is dirty.

Didn’t you know that this element existed? You are not the only one, there are many people who do not know where it is and who have never removed or cleaned it. And this can have fatal consequences: beyond the fact that the dishes are not very clean or that bad odors are produced inside the machine, A dirty filter can cause clogs and other problems that eventually break the appliance..

In case you just found out that this element exists, to give you a hand we will explain where you can find it and how to clean the dishwasher filter. It is a very simple task, it will not take you long and it will allow you to extend the useful life of your appliance, as well as achieve cleaner dishes and better results in general.

There are generally two items at the base of all dishwashers. One of them is the salt container, which has a lid that can be unscrewed. The other is the dishwasher filter, which is a cylindrical piece surrounded by a metal plate with small holes.

The filter can be rotated and removed (if you look closely, in many models they tell you where to turn it). In case you don’t know how to remove it, look for it in the instruction manual and, if you don’t have it, look for your brand and model on the internet to find a reference.

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Once you remove the dishwasher filter, turn the cylindrical piece to separate it from the metal grill. After, put the cylinder under the sink water and use a soft brush to remove dirt and food debris. Shake it to drain excess water, and set it to dry.

Next, repeat the operation with the grate, cleaning it with water in the tap and removing the remains of dirt with the brush. Finally, reassemble the filter and put it in place.

Even though many manufacturers recommend cleaning only with water and a brush, Some people prefer to add a little liquid dish soap, a few drops of vinegar or baking soda for a deeper cleaning. If you use any of these products, it is important to rinse the parts well so that there are no problems.