Your cell phone battery doesn’t last? 5 tips you can use

Now it is common to observe people of different ages with a cell phone in hand, this device makes life easier in different aspects. Since it is not only used to make calls or send a message, but you can have a variety of apps for different areas such as work or school.

Volatile changes in the world, together with technological advances, have disrupted people’s lifestyles, now it is essential to have a cell phone. To perform various activities of our routine we use this device for hours, for this reason the battery drains immediately, but here we will tell you some tips to make it last longer.

Save on the energy of your cell phone. Photo: Pixabay

1. Activate short time lock to turn off the screen

A large part of the cell phone battery is used up by using the home screen, the longer the time it remains off, the more you save on the cell phone battery.

For this reason, it is recommended that the waiting time of the automatic screen lock be reduced, to do so you only have to follow these steps:

Open the configuration menu Select the battery option Then click on the screen option Then enter the power setting and select the time you want to suspend the screen brightness.

2. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections require a lot of battery, if you are not using them it is better to keep them disabled.

3. Turn off the GPS tool

The permanent location by GPS is another of the functions that consume more battery of your cell phone, you can manage it and establish when you want it to be activated in the settings of the different applications, you just have to do the following:

Enter the configuration menu. Go to the privacy or personal option and select location. A list of the applications where you have the location activated will be displayed. There you can click to disable it.

4. Turn off the background of the apps you don’t use

This function allows applications to update their contents when they have access to the internet, this happens if the user is using the apps.

The best thing to save your battery power is to deactivate those that you don’t really use, you can do it from the settings menu.

Another option is to determine in the settings of each app that it is updated when you open it for the first time.

5. Turn off notifications

Another alternative is to deactivate notifications, consider that every time you receive one, the screen lights up when it is locked, in this way you can save the battery you only have to do the following:

Open the Settings menu. Enter the notification option. Each application will appear there and you can make the appropriate adjustments in each one.

If you implement any of these tips according to your needs, you will notice that your cell phone battery lasts for a long time.

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