Your business needs growth and this online course to achieve it

Growing online has become a highly valuable guideline in the market and a key opportunity to innovate.

One of the opportunities that we cannot ignore today is to interact in the market and do it strategically.

An element of great help is the one that helps us understand the value of consumption.

Growth has become a necessary bet in the market and to achieve this, an aspect that we cannot lose sight of is the ability of brands to innovate in these moments of health contingency.

The opportunity that brands have today is in the development of strategies by which to innovate in the market, especially now that the relationship with the consumer has become highly challenging.

Faced with these challenges, an element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that warns us of the ability that brands have reached to interact within the market and to do so from updated business perspectives, because they have a growth strategy based on the strategy.

At Growth Marketing Executive Program You will understand how to grow quickly in the face of the changing demand that the consumer is registering, due to social, political and cultural factors.

Within this management program you will learn to have control over strategies that will help you grow with a unique management program, where over 12 hours you will be able to design a fail-safe Growth Marketing plan.

Program objectives

Create a culture within your organization that encourages business growth.

Implement actions to scale the growth of products in your company.

Get the tools and tactics you need to build and grow your business.

Promote strategic decision-making taking into account the consumer’s life cycle.

You will learn step by step the process of generating leads.

You will develop innovative strategies that impact the growth of your business.


The process for a business to grow

Identify and determine the ideal growth strategy for my business

Growth channels: organic, paid

Growth Hacking Funnel: Acquisition and Activation

Growth Hacking Funnel: Retention and Referral

Full funnel conversion and optimization

How to turn your team into growth hackers

Practical case

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