Raúl wanted to capture in the « most original » way an event as historic as the COVID-19 crisis

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Valencia.- A young man Spanish tattooed on the leg of the face of Fernando Simón, the epidemiologist who acts as health spokesperson for the pandemic in Spain and it has become one of the symbols of the pandemic.

Raúl, 25 years old and from Valencia (east), who has Sylvester Stallone tattooed on his arm in his role as Rocky and Sigourney Weaver in Alien, and also has other tattoos on his legs, wanted to capture in the « most original » way « a fact as historic as the COVID-19 crisis.

During the three months that confinement has lasted SpainSimón’s popularity has increased until he created merchandise around him with T-shirts, mugs, badges, graffiti and even knitted dolls.

The idea came to Raúl while he talked about the pandemic with the author of tattoo, explained this Friday to . Nacho Frías, tattoo artist at the international studio Noble Art in Valencia.

The ten-hour job is a face of about 20 centimeters – a size and design that usually costs about 800 euros – using the gray realism technique and adding the phrase « fucking master » on it.

Frías, who has been tattooing for five years and is a specialist in realistic portraits, was delighted with this design because it is « the most original and rare » he has ever done, he said.

After doing a lot of research, artist and client assure that this tattoo is the first of Spain with Simon’s face, so the young man would like the scientist to know about this « feat ».