Young Quits His Job Because He Was Denied A Vacation And Goes Viral; meanwhile he already enjoys the beach

Finally Javier took his vacation and is enjoying the beach.

Photo: Vlada Karpovich / Pexels

Javier Vasques is the name of the young Colombian who caused all kinds of responses after posting his decision to quit your job because you were not allowed to take the vacations you were entitled to.

Without a doubt, the young man touched a sensitive subject for many, “he touched a nerve”, the dentists would say. And it is that in this changing world, for many the work is sacred and it is necessary to take care of it until the last consequences.

But for others it is important to defend rights and not allow the plans of a boss or a company to override personal interests.

Both positions are valid and everyone will have their reasons to defend their own opinion. But after Javier’s message, did not stop the views of those who approved his decision and those who did not agree with him.

Javier argued that vacations are a fundamental right of employees, according to article 186 of the Substantive Labor Code of the Constitution of Colombia.

“They denied me the vacations and I resigned,” Javier wrote on his Twitter account @salomonkeegan.

His publication is already above 18 thousand “likes”, and has been shared hundreds of times, with a large number of people who coincide with his way of acting while others disqualify him and accuse him of belonging to “a crystal generation”.

In Colombia, one in four companies has made massive layoffs in the pandemic. While in other countries like the United States, people are not hiring and do not plan to do so until the pandemic ends.

Even many Americans are quitting because they think it is a good time to take another job now that offers are pouring in and employers are jostling for the few available candidates.

In the meantime and after having agitated social networks, Javier has already posted a video enjoying his long-awaited vacation that cost him his job.

The young Colombian appears enjoying life on a paradisiacal beach, riding a boat and enjoying the heat and the waves of the sea. As expected, many congratulate him and others continue to question his decision.

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