“Young people give us veterans a hunger to compete”

Jun 11, 2021 at 11:01 AM CEST

Thiago Alcántara is an institution for this selection. The midfielder has played for several of the best clubs in the world and, with a career full of successes behind him, serves as an example for the new talents of the Red, but as he himself explains in an interview for Marca: “Young people give us veterans hungry to compete“.

Luis Enrique’s list has quite a few young people, which will bring freshness to a team that may seem to be undergoing reconstruction, but as the Liverpool footballer himself says: “We are very involved in what the coach asks of us. Not from now, from long ago. We are a hard-working team, and we are hungry“.

Busquets and his position in the field

Busquets is still at home, but as Luis Enrique stated: “He will be in the Euro”. For the ex-azulgrana, the captain’s thing was a hard blow: “We are talking about the person with the most games and experience on this team. Sergio is very important in here, he is the captain. It’s super charismatic for us. It’s a shame, like anyone else. He is also a friend of mine. Hopefully you can be with us soon.

When asked if he could fill his position, he alleges that: “Luckily we hope that he will return. If not, we have another spectacular midfielder like Rodri. I can develop that function, like other colleagues. I think we have a world level in all positions. “

“Fear was experienced in the first stage of the pandemic”

Thiago, aware of the experience of the entire world population, wanted to remove iron from the positive detected in the selection bubble: “Fear was experienced in the first stage of the pandemic. It was a global uncertainty. We didn’t know what was going to happen. There was fear there. I was in Germany with my family and if there was that feeling of fear. Not here. We have great professionals around us and we comply with all the protocols that they ask of us. What we have is the expectation of being able to work together, to compete. “

The Liverpool footballer suffered in October: “I was with my family, and the first thing that comes to mind is their protection. And from your teammates. I said this is happening to me, please isolate me, don’t have anyone around. I pass it really bad. He wished no one to have it like me, but I am aware that there are worse cases than mine and, unfortunately, fatal “.

The vaccine

Regarding the fact of getting vaccinated, he stated: “We are lucky to be able to access it. There is less risk in our profession, but above all we must be grateful to those who have wanted to help us. Whether they put it on or not, we are grateful; and in the European, with or without the vaccine, we will try to do our best.

In turn, also He said that he understands that this decision may upset.

The coach and optimism

The former Barça coach is being very optimistic in front of the cameras, but also behind: “Identical. We are used to this situation. It is now a year and a half living with the covid. We have gotten used to training individually or collectively, but always with the objective of competing “.

Thiago and Luis Enrique have known each other for years: “I’ve known him from the Barça subsidiary. He has very clear ideas. He loves the pressure after loss, the possession … and winning, which is what we all want. ”

His work to keep the group together at a time like the one they are experiencing is important, he affirms that the coach is as shown to the press: “Yes. The good thing about Luis is that he is always the same, he has no differences depending on who he speaks“.

“It’s as if every day they put barriers on us and we jump them together”

The concentration has started as never would have wanted, but this does not take away the desire to start a major challenge: “We are eager to feel united again, to be that group in the literal sense. To be together to measure ourselves against a team that we know well and we know the difficulties it poses. “

In that sense, he also commented that his predisposition is maximum to start off on the right foot: “We are at that point in the tunnel where we do what they tell us, whatever they throw us out. We are going to do everything they tell us to get there. to the first game ready to compete, I see the team working spectacularly given the situation. I really think we’re going to make it to debut very well“.

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