Young Mexican working on Halo Infinite is recognized by the BAFTA

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In Mexico there is a huge passion for gaming. So it was a matter of time before we began to see national talent shine on the world scale. For example, recently a young Mexican working on Halo Infinite was recognized by the British Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Television (BAFTA).

Recently, the BAFTA released the list of talents that were recognized with the BAFTA Breakthrough which for the first time seeks to highlight the talent that works in the United States. Among one of those chosen for this group is Fernando Reyes Medina, a young Mexican who works in the development of Halo Infinite and who was selected as a disruptive talent.

In case you don’t know, Fernando Reyes Medina is a young Mexican who grew up enjoying video games. This passion led him to study computer science, learn English, and move to the United States. With this, he ended up fulfilling his dream of working on a Halo installment by being the Halo Infinite multiplayer designer.

“Fernando wants to use the visibility BAFTA Breakthrough will give him to find partners with whom to share his vision of creating an inclusive space for others, who also dream of working in an industry where finding a route is not always easy. He hopes BAFTA will be proud and make his honor mean something to him and others after him, ”he detailed.

What is BAFTA Breakthrough?

Now the question is, what kind of recognition is BAFTA Breakthrough? This is an initiative with which this academy wants to highlight talent who works in industries such as film, video games and television.

Thus, with this, they seek that the selected talent has opportunities to develop their careers and find different opportunities with mentors. In this way, the objective is that they can continue to grow effectively and fulfill their full potential.

You can learn more about BAFTA Breakthrough by clicking here.

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