Young man who ran over policemen in the federal Capitol was a soccer MVP who fell into addiction to Xanax and suffered from hallucinations

Authorities at the crime scene outside the federal Capitol in Washington DC this Friday

Photo: Win McNamee / Getty Images

Noah Green, the young man identified as the attacker who ran over two police officers this Friday in the federal Capitol, was a prominent college footballer and a finance graduate from Christopher Newport University in Virginia..

However, his emotional lack of control in the past years and his addiction to Xanax would have complicated his life.

Green, who was born in rural Fairlea, West Virginia and is survived by nine siblings, became a prominent soccer player at Alleghany High School, in addition to being a track and field athlete to the point that he won several awards and honors as MVP (Most Valuable Player).

Green attended Christopher Newport University, in Newport News, Virginia.

“Mr. Green was a 2019 graduate of Christopher Newport University with a degree in finance. Green played on the Christopher Newport University soccer team in the fall 2017 and 2018 seasons, “said Jim Hanchett, CNU’s chief communications officer, as quoted by the Daily Mail..

Posts on Facebook exposed his mental lack of control

Posts on Facebook, which the network operators have already removed, reveal Green’s dark side with persecution complexes, suicidal thoughts and manic episodes.

“Satan’s rule over us is still standing,” reads an entry by Green on March 17 on his account on the social network.

Additionally, Green, who was killed by Capitol officials, refers to the controversial leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, for having saved him from the terrible afflictions that he allegedly suffered at the hands of the CIA and the FBI.

In an Instagram post cited by the aforementioned media, the deceased today indicated: “I have suffered multiple home invasions, food poisoning, assaults, unauthorized operations in the hospital, mind control.”

Green’s depressive spiral would have started in 2019 when a former roommate drugged him with Xanax, a narcotic for the treatment of anxiety and panic disorders.

The day before the attack in Washington DC, one of Green’s brothers, Brendan, told The Washington Post that Green was violently ill.

The former athlete texted Brendan, with whom he had moved in two weeks ago, to indicate that he would be living on the streets.

“I’m sorry, but I’m going to go and live and be homeless,” read one of the messages from the 25-year-old.

“Thank you for all you have done. I followed you when I was a child. You inspired me a lot ”, were other of the texts sent by Green.

According to Brendan, his brother suffered from hallucinations, heart palpitations, and suicidal thoughts.

Yesterday, Green drove a vehicle into a security barricade on Capitol Hill and ran over two police officers, one of whom was killed.

The attacker was shot by the agents after exiting the vehicle and wielding a knife “aggressively” against them, authorities said.