Young man dies in one of his attractions

Since last March, attractions and amusement centers such as Six Flags remained closed in the Mexican market due to the demand of the health authorities.

On October 23, the amusement center reopened its doors, amid great controversy over the level that is still visible around the health emergency.

And the fact is that the figures for contagion and hospital occupancy were already high. Only in Mexico City, at the beginning of last October when the announcement of the reopening of amusement parks was given, which estimated that there were 3 thousand 455 people hospitalized, 127 thousand 463 confirmed cases, of which 7 thousand 810 of them remained assets.

This generated an important controversy around the reopening of Six Flags, a center that on the day of its opening added a total of 10,000 visitors.

A little less than a month after reopening its doors, the brand is now in the midst of a new controversy, after it became known that an 18-year-old lost his life this weekend after an accident in the park of amusements.

Reports indicate that the visitor got on the El Pingüino attraction, where apparently, the employees of the place did not properly secure the young man. In an abrupt movement, the person “flew out” and after being hospitalized, he lost his life.

According to information published by El Universal, the research folder identified with folio FIMC / MC-2 / UI-3 C / D / 01381 / 11-2020 R1 “It is clear that the victim, identified as Abdiel Alexey, hit his head against a security fence of the game, which caused him head trauma, as well as a frontoparietal wound of approximately 11 centimeters ”.

Now the young man’s family and Six Flags legal representative face a legal battle, since the amusement park, allegedly, does not want to be responsible for the expenses derived from this accident.

The Merca2.0 team wrote to the Six Flags communication team to obtain some position from the brand on these events, without having an immediate response.

The incident recalls what happened a year ago at the now-defunct Feria de Chapultepec. At that time, a fatal accident was reported at the Chapultepec Fair. According to the first reports of the incident, two people have died at the scene. Likewise, another five were reportedly injured.

The events, in addition to causing the total closure of the amusement park, called into question the security measures of its facilities and also gave way to an investigation process by the authorities through the Attorney General’s Office of the City from Mexico.

The investigation revealed that the events that occurred on September 28 were not the first, since on December 28, 2018 an accident also occurred in which, to save the integrity of a visiting girl, a park employee, barely 17 years old, he suffered injuries that caused death shortly after.

Authorities of the company Operadora de Desarrollo Humano Chapultepec, which controlled the amusement park La Feria de Chapultepec, allegedly incurred omissions that at the time prevented a serious investigation, which began until March 2019, almost five months after the occurrence. the facts.

For now it is too early to recognize if Six Flags will live the same story as La Feria de Chapultepec; however, we are talking about an unfortunate incident that comes at a complex time.