At just 24 years old, professor José Enrique Ulloa, a native of Cabrera, María Trinidad Sánchez province, devised an innovative project for the creation of drones that will be used in public education for fourth and fifth year high school students. The innovative project is sponsored by INICIA Educación.

This is a unique opportunity for teachers that Professor Ulloa was able to take advantage of.

His project for the development of drones at the secondary educational level is not only a novelty for Dominican education, but the product of an effort that he himself defines for his personal, almost self-taught, interest in robotics and the contribution and support of INICIA Education provides you with financial support for the US $ 2,000 project that was very far from being achieved on your own, even at the Liceo Científico Dr. Miguel Canela Lázaro, in the Villa Tapia district, in the northern part of the Dominican Republic, where works on contract. Not that he was a neophyte in the matter. Professor Ulloa has worked in robotics and was a mentor at the international robotics championship that took place in the Arab Emirates of Dubai.

His interest in drones, which is a new technology with less than ten years old, still has a very high cost. For the young teacher, raised by his grandparents in Cabrera, with a deceased father and whose mother works as a firefighter, this is the beginning of one of his longings. He had exhausted several stages, proposals and rules until at the end 29 proposals validated by INICIA Education, ten finalists and four winners closed.

His project won first place in this fourth contest, the 512 Institute Innovation Fund, which is developed each year by the private entity that allocates an investment fund focused on innovation to improve the Dominican educational system. INICIA Educación identifies talent and leadership profiles that are later part of a talent network.

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