The girl identified as “Face The Light” kept recording her disturbing experience until she entered a nervous breakdown and fear

By: Web Writing

Through the renowned Tik Tok application, a girl identified as Face The Light He documented what appears to be an unknown presence lurking around his home, causing fear and suspense in his followers.

In a thread created in Twtter, they explained the chilling situation that the young woman could have faced.

In shared videos, Face The Light He begins by saying that strange events have been happening in his home and has even heard noises, but agrees with his mother that they may be objects from the same house that have fallen.

Later, she comments that apparently her mother is back home (she had left) because she has heard noises on her porch, however, when verifying who it is, she finds the presence of a strange entity with glitter in her eyes.

In the following videos you can see how the girl begins to suffer a crisis with the noises that she misses figure it makes against his glass and asks him to please leave.

Minutes later she runs to her room to get safe and when she opens the door she realizes that the presence has also entered the house and she continues crying.

Unexpectedly, in the following video he seems to have left the house and in the distance you can see how the figure stalks the young woman.

Despite the mystery of the video, some users claim that it is all a role playing game.