In his Facebook account he shared the image that came to unleash terror on social networks and had a curious outcome

By: Drafting

The case of a boy who captured an apparent ‘shadow’ person in his living room quickly became viral and spread by all the followers of the world paranormal.

Through your facebook account, José Carlos Rodríguez He published a curious photograph “I never thought that taking a night photo at my house could be so interesting,” Rodríguez wrote.

In the image you can see how a disturbing silhouette remains standing at the young man’s home during the night.

Carlos Rodríguez took advantage of the fact to send his case to the television program “Extranormal“, with the aim of making a report.

Subsequently, the same boy republished on his profile “all gang is canceled, it is an oxygen tank; ghosts do not exist, what does exist is mental suggestion,” he emphasized, so the image was denied by himself. .