Ireland Tate, is a girl from Tennessee, United States who used her social networks to make fun of the Coronavirus

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One of the biggest challenges facing governments and doctors to prevent the spread of coronavirus, is the incredulity of the people, especially the youngest, about the existence of this disease and the importance of social isolation to prevent the spread of the virus.

Ireland Tate, is a 21-year-old girl from Tennessee, United States and precisely used her social networks to make fun of the Coronavirus ensuring that she was never going to catch the disease.

Ireland said it was “aware that we were supposed to be quarantined and socially distanced to keep everyone safe,” but was not concerned.

“Great. I get it. I just don’t think I’m going to get the virus,” Tate told his followers.

And a few days later he began to experience the symptoms of coronavirusFinally, they informed him that he tested positive for Covid-19, a disease that ensured that he would never contract.

The young woman believes that she probably contracted the coronavirus from a friend when they went to a party without respecting the quarantine.

Now Ireland changed her speech on social media and warned other young people to stay home.

“It feels like someone is sitting on my chest at all times,” the young woman described her symptoms.

“It is really difficult to breathe. I have coughed until my throat has bled,” added the young woman.

Ireland said that even though the virus is not affecting you, you could be affecting someone’s grandmother or grandfather or aunt or uncle or sister.

With information from Mirror.