A father of a family wanted to capture the happiness of his son who received his first salary; however, the result was the opposite

| 09/16/2020 | ionicons-v5-c22: 03 | Web Writing |

U.S.- Let’s accept it. We all watch with fear when the payroll receipt arrives and we look at the amount of money that was deducted from our salary for taxes.

Just as we look at this with sadness, we also have to resign ourselves that this is inevitable; however on many occasions this can cause cruel disappointment.

This was the feeling of a young American residing in Chicago, same that was captured by his father and viralized in social networks.

Jojo is 18 and just got his first job, so after getting his first crash, it was obvious that he would be very excited to receive his money.

However, everything went from joy to tears, when the young He opened the envelope and read the contents of the receipt; his heart was broken to see that they had, by law, to withhold a certain amount of money from him.

« Why did you make that face, Jojo? » Asks the father; Jojo only got out of the car to regain his composure that almost brought him to the brink of tears.

« They deducted your taxes. You always have to do it every time they pay you, » another adult who was in the vehicle explained minutes later.

Although the young employee he understood things, he was not happy at all.