In order to search for new and promising motorsport talents in Mexico and Latin America, Ferrari Driver Academy and Escudería Telmex have announced the signing of an important agreement.

The work done by Escudería Telmex has been outstanding in the last two decades, so that Mexican drivers such as Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez and Esteban Gutiérrez have reached Formula 1, Daniel Suárez to NASCAR, Memo Rojas to European Le Mans Series and Benito Guerra WRC, among others.

This great team work promoted by Carlos Slim Domit, has been essential for Ferrari to have selected them as the ‘scouter’ in the region.

Meanwhile Ferrari Driver Academy was created 10 years ago with the aim of finding talents from the sport and giving them the opportunity to grow within the Italian team.

This alliance with Escudería Telmex gives pilots between 14 to 17 years of age the option of attending a training camp and having the possibility of being selected to join the academy for a year.

Additionally, they will be able to compete in the European Formula 4, a category that in recent years has proven to be the best access road to single-seaters for those who come from karting.

“We are really pleased to start this collaboration with the Telmex team, a brand that has established itself in the motoring world for the last 20 years,” said Mattia Binotto, CEO and head of the Ferrari team.

“We know the competence and rigor, and additionally the passion that exists in the young drivers that characterizes the Escudería Telmex. We trust them to identify future Ferrari drivers,” said the Italian manager.

Meanwhile Carlos Slim Domit, President of Escudería Telmex, stated: “The agreement with Ferrari Driver Academy represents a great achievement, but above all an enormous responsibility for Escudería Telmex.
Young talents have a fundamental challenge: Not only must they know how to drive but they also need vision to win, they must demonstrate a lot of discipline, intelligence and mental strength to overcome all the difficulties and the pressure that this path will show them on the increase.

The opportunity to go to Maranello and stop the possibility of fighting for the dream of competing in Formula 1 is there, but they have to work hard to achieve it. ”

Finally Laurent Mekies, director of the Ferrari Driver Academy and sports director of Scuderia Ferrari, commented: “This agreement is one more milestone in our development strategy, which aims to cover the whole world with high-level exploration programs and completes the objective that we set out to achieve in 2020.

Escudería Telmex has already demonstrated a proven ability to identify possible champions, having talents such as Sergio Pérez and Esteban Gutiérrez enter Formula 1, two drivers we know at Scuderia, as they have had them with us for part of their careers.

Working together with a team with extensive experience in training young talents will allow us not only to monitor crucial geographic areas such as Mexico and Latin America, but also to gain more experience in the selection process, “said the Frenchman.

In the list of Escudería Telmex there are several Latin American pilots who are part of it. There are the Colombians: Tatiana Calderón (Japanese Super Formula and Alfa Romeo F1 reserve driver) and Sebastián Montoya (Italian Formula 4). And Brazilians Enzo Fittipaldi (Formula 3) and Pietro Fittipaldi (Haas F1 test drivers) make up this select group.

Among the young promises of Escudería Telmex, two Mexican drivers stand out: Jessé Carrasquedo and Ian Aguilera, who at 13 years old, are heading to be part of this new alliance with Ferrari Driver Academy.