You won’t need to have seen Loki to enjoy Doctor Strange 2

Montage of Doctor Strange and Loki

The promotional communication of the new Marvel Studios series for the Disney + platform highlights the importance that these will have in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, at the same time, they play with the idea that it is not essential to see the series to be able to enjoy future films. Along these lines, although they said that there is a connection source, they assured that it is not necessary to see “Scarlet Witch and Vision” for “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” despite the journey that Wanda makes in the series until formally placing her as a Witch Scarlet. History seems to repeat itself with the connection between “Loki” and “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”.

The writer Michael waldron He is in charge of both projects, the recently released Marvel series and the future film to be released in theaters in March 2022. He himself was in charge in the past to confirm a certain link between series and film. However, in a new interview, he explained that at the same time, both products move independently.

When asked if he thought the Disney + series was a must-watch for the future of the MCU, Waldron provided a somewhat outspoken answer: “I think everything is mandatory viewing for everything”.

However, in this same interview he contradicted himself stating that these stories that they are now narrating have been conceived so that we can see them without having previously seen anything from the UCM.

These stories are designed to be independent and to be exciting on their own., and to be, hopefully, complete stories. If you’ve never seen a MCU movie, you can sign up and watch ‘Loki’ and just worship him and say, ‘I don’t know who the hell that guy was, but he was great.’

Of course, Waldron points out that both for “Loki” and for the sequel to Doctor Strange, having seen the previous Marvel movies and the series that are to come, improves the experience, so he recommends seeing everything.

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If you know the MCU, that may improve your enjoyment. I think that was our focus, and I think that’s the focus of the MCU with everything.

The question of how much “Loki” will connect with the future of the MCU is difficult to know right now. Although it is difficult to speculate on the impact the series will have with what is known about the story, there have been many statements from the creators of the series who insist that it is not a simple spin-off. Likewise, at the beginning of the first chapter, (SPOILER: select the text to see it) that animation of the explanation Miss Minutes of the Temporal Variation Agency could give some clue (END SPOILER).

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