How long it seems the time when Gerard Butler made us dream in the role of King Leonidas in the blockbuster 300. Since then, the British actor seems to have discovered a real passion for apocalyptic films, as with (the very bad) Geostorm, or the predictable action film, with the Fallen trilogy (Olympus, London and Angel, from 2013 to 2019). He does it again with a new film, Greenland, which is revealed through a first trailer. The proof in pictures.

Greenland, it’s time for meteorites

It’s a film that had very big ambitions a few years ago since Marvel Cinematic Universe star Chris Evans was mentioned for the role. But it was Gerard Butler who finally took the lead role in the film directed by Ric Roman Waugh.

What is the story about? The story does not seem to go very far in difficulty since we are talking about a story in which meteorites fall on the planet. They are wreaking havoc in cities and countryside, without predicting what will happen. Jeff / Gerard Butler will try to flee with his family to join military bunkers, located in Greenland. We are beginning to understand why Donald Trump wanted to buy the gigantic island!

The trailer announces a chaotic, anarchic film where destruction reigns over the United States. Alongside Gerard Butler we find Morena Baccarin, notably seen in the Deadpool films. The release is officially announced for June 10 in France, although the coronavirus epidemic could upset the schedule. In any case, the film should not go wrong if it is put online on a VOD platform alongside Bloodshot, the latest Vin Diesel film.

If you want to see what the Greenland movie will look like, the trailer can be found below.