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Star Wars Squadrons will arrive in October on current generation platforms and many wonder if there will be a way to play it on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X when these consoles are available. The answer is yes, but it may not be an option that you can play as you expected.

What happens is that Ian Frazier, creative director of Star Wars Squadrons, confirmed that it should be possible to play this project on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X through backwards compatibility. That said, that will be the only way that you can enjoy your game on these platforms, since they are not preparing a next-gen version.

« We are not planning a separate version of the game for next-gen consoles, but yes, backwards compatibility should work, » Frazier explained.

This means that it will be possible to play Star Wars Squadrons on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The community simply should not expect it to be a version with improvements like those that will have projects like FIFA 21 and Madden NFL 21.

And what did you think of this news? Did you expect Star Wars Squadrons to have any kind of improvement on next-gen consoles? Tell us in the comments.

Star Wars Squadrons will be available on October 2 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. You can know more about this project by clicking here.