“You will always be a Mexican”: Afro-American driver hurls racist insults at Latino police

“You will always be a Mexican”, an African-American driver told an officer who stopped her for using her cell phone while driving, in a clear racist incident.

The video of the body camera of a policeman showed when the aggressor made a string of racist accusations.

“Murderer … You will never be white”, the furious woman is heard saying.

It all happened on April 23 in San Dimas, California. The clip was released by Fox News and immediately generated a wave of fierce criticism.

“Can you tell me why you are stalking me today? Because I’m sure I was going under the speed limit ”, says the woman.

“The limit is 40 and I’m 38, so why are you harassing me?” He asked the uniformed man.

“You are correct, I stopped you because …”, the policeman tried to say, before being interrupted.

“You are a murderer,” said the woman, without regard.

“You can’t talk on the phone while driving”, the policeman replied.

“I can record you,” said the African American threateningly.

When the officer asked for her driver’s license, the detainee excused herself: “I forgot it at home.” So he asked her for a photo and although she claimed to have it, he asked her to call her supervisor.

“I already did,” said the policeman. “Good, because you are a murderer”the woman insisted.

Without losing patience, the police officer asked the woman to sign her summons. Then came his fury.

“Are you harassing me for talking on the phone?” she asked. “It is not harassment, they are a police officer,” he replied.

“I can record when the police harass me,” the woman insisted. “I wasn’t writing or anything like that. You scared me and I thought you were coming to kill me ”.

“I’m sorry if you think that,” he said.

The woman showed her license photo and identified herself as a teacher. He kept insisting that the policeman was a murderer. “You are trying to murder me and my son too.”

According to DailyMail, the woman is known to have filed several complaints against the police in Los Angeles.

The policeman asked if the Mercedes-Benz he was driving was hers. “Of course it’s mine, are you accusing me of stealing my own car, are you jealous?” He said defiantly.

When another officer approached to explain that he was being cited for driving and using the phone, she called the first police officer, “racist Mexican.”

“You will always be Mexican … you will never be white, you know that, right?”said the women. “You will never be white, which is what you really want to be”, He said. “You want to be white with all your soul.”

Los Angeles County agreed to have knowledge of the video, as the officer uses his personal camera for his own safety.

She filed a formal complaint against the Latino police officer for “rude.”

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