You move house and when you check the carpet in the room you discover something disturbing

Even if move to another house It can be something routine for many, the truth is that arriving in a new home will always leave us with a new life experience, which can be good or bad, depending on what we are living.

Without a doubt, moving always generates certain excitement and expectations and a new home will always give us surprises, both good and bad.

About this theme, On TikTok, a video shared by one of the users of this social network that has left more than one with their mouths open due to the tremendous frightening surprise that they encountered when moving to their new home went viral.

The TikTok user identified as @dontbeanashole shared a video where she se can see him lifting the rug from one of the rooms in his new home and what he discovered underneath left her puzzled.

It turns out that on the floor you can clearly see how the silhouette of a person was marked, apparently a corpse, and with black marker was written “Case091101”, possibly an old crime reference number, as well as a date: 01/19/2018.


It’s cool. Everything is fine. 😅 #newhouse #creepy #diyhomedecor

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The video already has more than 5.4 million views and hundreds of comments, where most users say they would not like to have a similar experience.

“It didn’t bother me to learn that someone had died in my new home, but imagine my surprise when I broke the floor and found this,” added the woman.

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