“You know that you are going to die, right?”

Paz Padilla was responsible for conducting ‘Sálvame’ last Friday, February 19. As is usual in her after the death of her husband Antonio Juan Vidal, the presenter has made various speeches on the program to address the issue to contribute a different point. In fact, he has recently published a book in which he recounts all his experiences and his thoughts about it.

Paz Padilla with David Valldeperas

However, during the last speech not everyone took it in the same way. The director of the program, David Valldeperas, was somewhat uncomfortable with the conversation. Thus, Padilla decided to ask him if he was afraid of death, to which he confessed that he did. However, Valldeperas preferred not to give the matter more wax, arguing that « there’s still a lot left« for something like that to happen, but Padilla didn’t give in.

« You know that you are going to die, right? You’re going to die and sooner than you think, « he asked him directly. At those words, the director lost his position even more but his response was more ironic than expected: »But do you think I have time to think about death presenting this program?« . Both closed the debate with the same reflection: Valldeperas assures that he is very happy, and for Padilla the most important thing is »be happy while you’re alive« .

« The humor of my life », the philosophical book of Paz Padilla

At the beginning of the month the presenter made official the title of his new book: « The humor of my life ». In it, Paz Padilla takes a tour of how the mourning of her husband’s death has passed. « I needed a lot of help and the people I went to advised me to write what I felt and I did. That’s where this book came from« , he explained. In addition, he confirmed that it can already be read in its online format, and that it will go on sale next April.