Last year, more than 500 series were released in the US alone, among so many options, viewers spend an average of 47 hours a year trying to decide what to watch, according to a study by the consulting firm Nielsen. To help solve that question, what can I see? Vodafone has presented this Wednesday a website of recommendations, You have to see it, in which well-known faces on the screen and the cultural sector in general advise on the series and films that most like.

The virtual presentation, led by Gonzalo Madrid, was attended by the film director Nacho Vigalondo, the director of Vodafone TV, Ignacio García-Legaz; EL PAÍS journalist Eneko Ruiz and, remotely, Aitor Gabilondo, creator of the series Patria, which premieres on September 27 on HBO. The participants have reflected on the relevance of human opinion in the midst of the avalanche of productions and algorithms that study the tastes of users to offer them titles similar to each other. « The danger that has always been there is that of homogenization, » Vigalondo warned about it, betting on applauding those initiatives that go against the current.

Vodafone claims to be the largest aggregator of series and films, but as he pointed out in the talk, it is not a question of volume, but of quality and talent. And is that another risk for a viewer is not to run into that production that seems made for him, but is not very popular, so he will never discover. Or that a work of art goes unnoticed because it fails to shine bright enough. « How do we do within this entire volume to convey a suggestion of pieces that may be buried in the catalog? », García-Legaz has raised.

Eneko Ruiz, exemplified with some data « the tension » that viewers suffer when choosing a title. Thus, he pointed out that among the most read news on the Fifth Season newspaper blog, those that choose the series of the season or that select the best chapters of productions that can be seen independently, such as Black Mirror, are always positioned.

Netflix or HBO push their own productions to the top of their recommendation lists, but You Have to See It claims to be “as agnostic as possible”, as Vodafone does not have its own productions. In this way, the consumer can end up watching the latest premiere or the series that escaped him two years ago, depending on whether he trusts the recommendation of one character or another. As Gabilondo pointed out, “there is a human passion to tell”, but even with all the existing technology, a formula has not been created to “connect” with the viewer. Vodafone is committed to finding that formula in people.