A few hours after the start of a new stage of quarantine in AMBA, the Governor of Buenos Aires, Axel Kicillof, and the mayor of La Matanza, Fernando Espinoza, toured an Isolation Center that was inaugurated this Monday and that is installed in the Mini Stadium of Cultural Events and Sports Juan Domingo Perón, in González Catán.

Espinoza stated that he is « Convinced that people will respect » the new conditions established for the quarantine from July 1 and assured that « just as we know that the most difficult days are coming and will be very sad, we also know that we are prepared so that, after the first days, we can maintain the curve of infections with the least possible damage ”.

« Once we pass the peak and we can begin to decrease the positive cases, we will return to the openings that we already had », specified the Peronist communal chief.

The place will host patients suspected of being infected with Covid-19 and who do not have the comfort to perform isolation in their homes. The Mini Stadium has all the services, such as Wi-Fi, central heating, four meals a day through individual catering, bedding and personal hygiene items.

There is also Medical care 24 hours, security, cleanliness and the permanent presence of the people who are part of the La Matanza Volunteer.

The communal chief thanked the presence of Kicillof, as well as « his permanent and unconditional support and accompaniment, like those of President Alberto Fernández. » Meanwhile, the Governor agreed on the need to pass the peak of the contagion curve « With the health system without being saturated ».

In this sense, he maintained that the objective is « to be able to begin to decrease the cases afterwards to return to the openings that we have already made and from which, as we always anticipate, it was very likely that we would have to return. » Thus he made it clear that the Buenos Aires government had at hand the option of backtracking against the possibility of growth in infections.

Espinoza stressed that « this new center has 161 beds, in addition to the 2,523 isolation beds that we already have in 12 other centers in the Municipality with similar capacities and comforts. » Kicillof highlighted work across the province to try to improve the health and isolation system against the clock.

The mayor of Matanzas was grateful for the visit and the « continued support » of the governor and said he is « confident that the effort of the next two weeks will pay off. » For his part, the governor thanked Espinoza and all the mayors for the effort and work they are doing during the pandemic and agreed on the importance of the next two weeks: « These 15 days will be very important because they will allow « If everything goes well, if there is high compliance and it works, let the curve that is growing very strong stop doing it, » he explained.

« From that moment on we will have a better order to start using the entire structure that was put together at this time », added the provincial president. In this sense, he highlighted the prompt unification of a monitoring system that has been used for a long time in La Matanza and, today, in much of the province.

« The truth is that the last time I was in La Matanza, Fernando presented me with a system to use case tracking and close contacts from my cell phone, and we have been doing this throughout the province, » he said. Then he stated: « Now during the strictest quarantine we will have the possibility of unifying all the systems that are working in the province to be able to apply it more surgically in the next stage. »

Espinoza, in turn, stressed that « La Matanza, in contagions, is well below the average for the city and the Federal Capital, and that all this we do every day in the entire municipality is thanks to the efforts of our people and to the enormous and unconditional support of President Alberto Fernández and the Governor ”.

« The decisions of the national government have prevented the coronavirus from spreading much faster than it has already spread and, consequently, that many more lives are lost than sadly they have already been lost, » said the Peronist leader.

La Matanza today has, in addition to the isolation beds, with 2056 intermediate hospitalization beds and 360 intensive care beds, including the public and private sectors, which are 60 percent occupied, the majority for non-COVID-19 cases. « There are 175 beds that are occupied by patients with other pathologies and 75 respond to cases of coronavirus, » reported the community chief.

All guests will have a set of toiletries and bedding for their stay, a free Wi-Fi Internet network to communicate with their families and a new central heating system with four motors to heat the space.

At the end of the tour, Espinoza had words of recognition for the doctors and nurses who are on the front line of the battle against Covid-19.