As we have been able to realize, most children do not feel much emotion when eating a delicious fish, this is due to many reasons but the first of them is because their appearance and taste do not seem very appetizing, but this must change Look why!

June 02, 20208: 37 p.m.

Fish has many extremely healthy and beneficial properties for our body, for this reason it is necessary to consume this food at least once a week, in this way we can live a much healthier lifestyle.

Fish consumption in children

As for children, it is essential that they consume this rich nutrient food, so that they can have a much healthier evolution throughout their growth. In fact, a study carried out in China was able to verify all the benefits that fish produces in the body of children.

Fish consumption in children

Some time ago an IQ test was applied to children between the ages of 9 and 11, and at the end they were asked if they ate fish frequently. And there was certainly a big difference between what they consumed this food and those who did not do it frequently.

Fish consumption in children

In the children who did eat fish, they could see an increase in their performance of more than 4.5 points above those who did not. Then to get more information they decided to go with the parents, in order to reach the conclusion that children who did not consume this food tended to have a more restless sleep compared to the other little ones.

“Including fish in the regular diet could be much easier than nudging children to lie down. If eating fish improves sleep, great; but if it also improves cognitive performance, as this study has shown, it is even better, “said” Adrian Raine (co-author of the study) “.