“You have to keep wanting”

On Friday, February 19, Telecinco broadcast the sixth round of auditions for ‘Got Talent Spain 6’, in which the judges received Eliezer and his daughter, « La Truco ». Both took the stage to claim flamenco and give voice to the bad situation of the sector, with the massive closure of the stages due to the pandemic, an occasion in which the bad experience of the woman, who was infected with Covid with her husband, was also voiced. Unfortunately, he passed away just days after she was discharged, something that Eliezer was unwilling to let it sink her despite the pain of her loss..

La Truco and her mother, Eliezer, before sharing her story and her art on ‘Got Talent’

La Truco, a flamenco teacher, appeared on the program with « the best person in the world, my helm »: her mother, Eliezer. « I was going to come alone to vindicate flamenco because of the situation we are all experiencing. For those theaters and those tablaos that are closing due to this Covid that is trapping us »said the artist, when taking the stage with her mother, of whom La Truco said that « I think she will have much more merit because she is very big and will leave me very little. » The show then aired Eliezer’s story, which she shared that « I’ve been married twice. » « The first with her father, 28 years old and after four and a half years, with a wonderful person who has taken the virus away from me, « the woman declared, after which she confessed that » I will never forgive him for that « .

« We both got sick at the same time. We both entered and I, fortunately, never had a fever, so after five days they threw me out, » said the contestant, who « With my little pills I went home to wait for him, thinking he was going to come back. » « And, two days later, he passed away »Eliezer concluded. « I tell you that you have to push, you have to fight. You have to keep on wanting. My daughter wanted to give me this little push, this candy, and bring me to ‘Got Talent’, so I’m going to savor it, » the woman commented, optimistic, after which he pointed out that « he would have had a great time seeing me here today. » « All his desire was for me to continue forward. And I will continue »promised the contestant, who recited one of her own passionate compositions while her daughter danced flamenco to the rhythm of a guitar.

« We can’t lose the music »

« What an original proposal. I have been entering little by little. The set was very interesting », praised Dani Martínez, after which Edurne stressed that it is « a beautiful performance », as well as declared that « sharing art with the family is wonderful. » « If you have seen me enough, you know that I, before the talent, I surrender. You have touched all the suits », declared on his part Risto Mejide, before launching an important argument. « As your poem says, it should be something to be studied in college. Specifically, our music. You may be going through a crisis, but it’s something we can’t lose« said the judge, who hoped that » very soon you can demonstrate this art in those tablados that are now closed « , after which the jury awarded the duo three » yeses « . A good ending for a performance that Eliezer wanted to dedicate » to Gabriel, who died today. He’s my older brother ».