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Julia Otero, during an interview in ‘Liarla Pardo’. (Photo: LA SEXTA)

The journalist Julia Otero, presenter of the Onda Cero program Julia en la Onda, has published a tweet that has bothered within the PP, as can be seen by the reaction of a leader of that party.

Otero has echoed one of the issues of the moment: the appointment of Toni Cantó by Isabel Díaz Ayuso as director of the Spanish Office of the Community of Madrid.

Carmen Juan, deputy director of Julia Otero’s program, wondered on Twitter “why is a Spanish office needed in Madrid” and the popular journalist responded forcefully: “So that Amsterdam, Paris or Berlin do not become the European capital of the Spanish”. “Apparently the competition is tough,” he added.

Alfonso Serrano, Ayuso’s campaign director and PP spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly, has quickly responded to Julia Otero’s tweet stating that “since Ayuso was appointed as a candidate in 2019, many have despised her or her proposals.”

“Two years passed in which they did not give up their attempt to discredit her. # 4Mayo arrived and what happened happened. Well, nothing, continue …;) ”, he added.

Meanwhile, Díaz Ayuso has defended this Thursday that the Spanish Office is not a “chiringuito” because it has not created it expressly for its newly appointed director, Toni Cantó, and has been surprised that it is looked at “with such a magnifying glass”.

“It would be a chiringuito if I had created it for him but in all my interventions two years ago I am announcing that I want to create a project like this. I did it at the beginning of the university course two years ago, in the investiture debate, in the different (electoral) programs … in all my speeches & rdqu …

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