You do not have Internet? This tool is the best ally for your cell phone at that time

Keep enjoying the content of your favorite social networks and websites even when you are offline.

A smartphone is a source of entertainment and a very useful tool, but when you run out of internet access there is not much you can do.

To browse, watch videos and walk through the different social profiles it is necessary to have an internet connection, and it is normal that sometimes while we use the mobile we run out of signal or the Wi-Fi simply fails.

When this happens it is obvious that we will no longer be able to continue where we were, but this type of problem has a solution.

The best tool for when you run out of internet

To avoid staying halfway while doing something with your mobile, be it checking a website or watching a video, the best option is Offliner, an app that saves content to view it offline.

How does it work?

This tool helps users to be able to download any piece of online content directly to the mobile device for later viewing offline.

This includes web pages, audio files and also video files.

Of course, this is done through a Wi-Fi connection with the purpose of not consuming mobile data.

Offliner feature

Allows you to store videos on your cell phone with instant access. Also, save any content from social networks, something very important so that you do not get bored when you are offline.

It also creates a backup of your favorite web pages and what many will like is that it does not have any type of ads.

Another thing is that it allows a content download in any HD format or resolution.